1. My_Darling_Clementine

    I've rescued my first bearded dragon, and I need some advice.

    Hello, I am writing this post because of my beloved son. On March 3rd, I acquired Quasi the 5 year old bearded dragon for free off of Facebook. What his previous owners failed to mention in the post were his major spinal deformities, giving him an unnatural hunch in his spine. It's likely...
  2. Mr.Dragon

    Portable/Battery Powered Heatlamp?

    So we've been having some pretty stormy weather here in Los Angeles. And it got me thinking of setting up an emergency bag for Mr. Dragon. Obviously some food and water, but what about heat? I don't have a generator so I was thinking of getting a portable heat lamp? Something battery powered I...
  3. Selkie1993

    An Adventure With Adenovirus- What Every Owner Needs To Read

    Hi everyone! Over the course of 3-4 months, I've been posting lots of questions about my dragon, Drogon. I wanted to share my experience with you, especially if you're new to the forum. Unfortunately, Drogon was diagnosed with adenovirus, a common virus among bearded dragons. What is...
  4. BeckHansen


    I dont know what it is..I bought my Beardie yesterday. He didn’t have these pink spots before…he’s shedding but it’s really weird.
  5. Beardielover9000

    Purple/black/orange urate??

    WARNING LONG POST Beards post Hi, my fiancé and I got our beardies in April of 2022. Beeg Guy who is yellow (F) & Funny Guy who’s grey(M) Husbandry 4x2x2 feet zen habitat In inches (48x24x24) 4 or more fake plant/cactus 1 Small drift wood 1 corner hide which is also basking spot 1 tent on...
  6. L

    Boons club foot…

    Boone was found this morning in his enclosure with a very inflamed rear leg/foot. He is not using the leg at all-and his inner small toe is also inflamed and pink, the nail is pretty much encapsulated frome the swelling. I’ve soaked him in warm water throughout the day, just to make him...
  7. D


    My bearded dragon is pale with a black beard she was fine a couple hours ago & she ate and everything but now she seems to be like pushing or something she's moving around the tank in different places I'm not sure if she's laying eggs she's done this before but was never pale with a black beard...
  8. A

    3-4 M/O beardie with mild bleeding from cloaca

    So I’ve had my beardie, Blaze, for about a month now. She doesn’t eat consistently due to her losing food in her enclosure and disliking being put in a different container to eat, but she’s not opposed to eating in itself. Her poops look normal when she eats fine, and not so normal when she...
  9. LokitheBeardedDragon

    Tail Rot??

    I can't tell whether this is tail rot or not. His tail has been limp for the past couple of days. Please help!!
  10. LilyM

    PLEASE HELP: Beardie having seizures and very aggressive

    My beardie pixie had a seizure a few weeks ago. I took her to the vet, swapped out all her bulbs for new ones, did blood work and a fecal sample. We gave her a D3 shot and a calcium shot. The vet says there are elevated levels of calcium consistent with possible ovulation? So I made lay box and...
  11. L

    Sick, done all I can do…Please help!!

    My bearded dragon’s name is Littlefoot. She is 7 years old, and she has always been healthy up until the last couple of months. I first started noticing that she wasn’t as hungry as she normally was. She didn’t have that much energy. She wouldn’t eat even if I hand fed her. That kind of came and...
  12. M

    Beardie might be dying

    Hello all. Sorry for posting again. But I think my sweet girl might be on her way out. I can’t really believe I’m typing this right now. But even after treatment for pinworms, daily soaks, syringe feeding and nutritional slurries, Delta has not shown any improvements. She’s pooped four times...
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