egg laying

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    Brumating? Eggs? Overweight?

    TLDR Hi, our female beardie has been slowing down eating a bit and starting to spend more time in her hide. It's our first beardie so was wondering if we could get some guidance on her behavior. She's not showing abnormal stress lines, any mucus, and poop looks normal (more details below). We...
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    My beardie needs help

    Hello all, My beardie Rico is female and around 2 years old. We rescued her from a young boy who couldn’t care for her anymore and he didn’t know her age or sex. Rico has always been a relatively good eater but one day she suddenly stopped. We have resorted to force feeding her through a...
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    Swelling after laying infertile eggs.

    My 2.5 yr old female beardie has laid 6 infertile eggs. Her butt looks swollen and has a small pink bulge that’s out. I’ve researched and tried the sugar and water soak which has helped it go down some. Will this resolve itself or is this considered a prolapse even after she has laid eggs...
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    Is my bearded dragon gravid?

    Hello Everyone! So I believe my girl is gravid right now but i’m not sure. Last time she laid eggs, I didn’t even know that she was gravid, I let her out of her enclosure and boom there where some eggs. This time I want to be responsible and provide her with a lay box. I noticed about two weeks...
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    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    My bearded dragon has been gravid for 6 weeks & isn’t laying her eggs, I’ve put her in her lay box for the past week as she was getting restless & digging in her tank. She’s digging but very little and once she digs her cave she comes right out of it and starts to “glass surf” in her dig box...
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