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    Bound Eggs

    My bearded dragon, Orlando--who for the last four years of his life I assumed was male--laid 33 eggs over the weekend and 4 more yesterday (4/11). I'm worried that she may have a few more eggs stuck inside her. She hadn't eaten for 3 weeks before she started laying eggs on Saturday. I didn't...
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    My bearded dragon had to be euthanized yesterday:( Malpractice?

    About 2 weeks ago my bearded dragon stopped eating her greens, I assumed she was just being stubborn since she was still eating her bugs. A week later I realized some discoloration on her back near her tail. I scheduled a wellness check up and it was this Tuesday. As it got closer to the day of...
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    Struggling with eggs again..spay?

    Hello, Some of you may have read my posts in the past about my bearded dragon Liz who has MBD and often struggles to lay her eggs. Unfortunately she's also prone to laying many clutches of eggs (her record was 8 in a row in 2019) and it just takes such a toll on her. Right now it's been a...
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    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    My bearded dragon has been gravid for 6 weeks & isn’t laying her eggs, I’ve put her in her lay box for the past week as she was getting restless & digging in her tank. She’s digging but very little and once she digs her cave she comes right out of it and starts to “glass surf” in her dig box...
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