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    URGENT: How to help beardie pass away?

    Clementine is 7-10 years old. She was a rescue and had a horrible past. Neglect, abuse, improper lighting, temps, enclosure, everything for the first half of of her life. I’ve had her for 6 years. Her health has been declining faster each year, but now she’s declining by the day. She’s been to...
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    Is my dragon saying goodbye?

    So I have/had two dragons, this is our story: The first dragon I got was a baby male captive-bred and I had it for around 1 year or so before someone asked me to take on their adult female beardy because they were moving. She was a lone captive-bred beardy around 6-7 years old. I kept them...
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    Beardie might be dying

    Hello all. Sorry for posting again. But I think my sweet girl might be on her way out. I can’t really believe I’m typing this right now. But even after treatment for pinworms, daily soaks, syringe feeding and nutritional slurries, Delta has not shown any improvements. She’s pooped four times...
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