1. A

    15 month old female rescue

    Hi all. I have a 15 month old female Beardie that I recently rescued. Took her in for bloodwork up, all was great. Fecal showed pinworms and coccidia. We began treatment immediately. It’s been a month, second fecal came back coccidia free with a continued low count of pinworms. So, treating...
  2. itsTigereye

    Constantly Attempting to Brumate?

    Hello! My bearded dragon started showing signs of wanting to brumate around November of this year. Not eating as much, digging in her caves, and not wanting to bask. She did one final poop and settled down. I left her alone, keeping her lights on a shorter cycle. I would offer her food...
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    Alex dig box
  4. D

    Rango at the river

    Rango at the river I went camping. I didn't have anyone to keep Rango so I take her with me. Now I have a small tank with all the heat bulbs and everything. So she wasn't just roaming around with no heat. But like I do everyday I took her out and and put her in the river sand. She walked around...
  5. itsTigereye

    Constant energy - digging, running around, etc

    Some background. When we first got Sunny, she had paper towels as her substrate and loved to rip them up (dig) in her hide. As she grew she stopped both digging and using her hide almost entirely, preferring to sleep on top or on her hammock. Recently, I purchased a new substrate for her - I...
  6. C

    Concerned About New Beardies Eating/Behaviour

    I got a new beardie just a few days ago (Saturday, not sure exactly how old she is but young) she was totally fine eating, loved her greens day 1, not so much day 2, loved her crickets both days. Then today suddenly NOTHING. I have managed to get about 5 cricket in her over the course of the...
  7. O

    Daily digging, now low energy without laying?

    So Pancake decided around late November that she wanted to dig. I gave her her dig box, thinking she could be gravid since she was mimicking the same behavior as when she was gravid before (previously laid 12/1/20 and 2/22/21). No obvious physical signs though. She seemed to lose interest in...
  8. danielc12

    Relocation Stress in new tank

    I just upgraded my bearded dragon to a new enclosure, and she has been having some really bad relocation stress. She’s been digging in her hide, not basking much, basically pooped on herself, and hasn’t eaten much. I currently have the front of the tank covered with a cloth to hopefully help...
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