1. S

    Feeding Veggies to a 3 months old

    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie to keeping beardies, but have read quite a lot of internet and saw info that some people start to feed veggies to their pets at about 6 months, when their eating tastes change. So my question is - should I just give up on veggies at the moment and feed only feeders...
  2. logann._

    General diet questions!!

    Just a couple quick questions.. This is my buddy spot. I believe he/she is around five months based off of size . However here recently he hasn’t been as interested in his greens. Vs a couple weeks ago he was all over them as soon as they were put in the tank. He is still very much interested...
  3. SarahNancy13

    Possible gum disease?

    Hello! I have already gotten some great input for taking care of little Ember here and am so grateful for it! I’m asking if you can help calm some worries once again. I was taking some pictures of little ember basking and noticed that he has what looks like hardened gums and dirt between his...
  4. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    Super Worms?

    Hello! I've had my dragon for around 4 weeks now and I've been regularly feeding him super worms as his main course. He just turned a year old a little less than a week ago so I was searching how many to feed him now but I came across something. There were a few websites that said super worms...
  5. MangosMom22

    Collard Greens

    Howdy, My lovely Mango, 4ish months old, has just begun eating collard greens and thankfully she loves them! I’m so excited that I got her to eat them, as I heard it’s almost impossible to get younger ones to eat greens. I was just wondering how many little pieces should I be giving her? I...
  6. catwu20

    Feedback on diet?

    Hey y'all, I'm sorry for clogging up the forum with my posts tonight but I really want to review how well I'm taking care of by 3yr old beardie, Ginger. I've heard that adult dragons' diets should be 80% greens and 20% protein. Ginger always didn't seem to have that much of an appetite. Her...
  7. C

    New Bearded Dragon Unhappy and General Care Assistance

    Hello! I recently adopted a juvenile bearded dragon. His hatch date was 9/24/2021 and we received him on 3/30/2022. Overview: When he first arrived at our home, he did not seem to be unhappy at all and was eating veggies for me. His left leg shed and sluffed off super easily, but not long...
  8. S

    Runny Stool. Want to get some advice on what to do!

    Hey all, my beardie, baby, has had runny stool for the past 2 weeks or so. I’ll put a picture in the thread so you can see it and decide what action needs to be taken. Baby currently lives in a 40 gal tank, is fed lettuce with food pellets for veggies and for protein, crickets often and meal...
  9. fcooper

    What are your beardies favorite fruit or veggie?

    I've tried multiple things with Smaug to help diversify his diet, but the only vegetable he is ever really interested in are collared greens. What have you had the most success with?
  10. dogndragonmom

    Weight gain in adult dragon

    Hi there, We rescued Cheech on 11/22 and he had his first vet visit with us on 12/13. They did everything, labs, xrays and fecal to check his health and give us a baseline for him. His fecal was negative and his labs were ok. His xrays were also good. He was having some loose stools, so we...
  11. O

    Overweight dragon?

    My girl Pancake is 588 grams, ~19" long, 3 years old, likes to lay infertile eggs, and takes massive poos. Some say she's healthy but the vet says she's overweight. Her diet is 90% veg (she readily eats her salads) and 10% protein (mainly dubias) since being diagnosed overweight (I understand...
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