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    Treated coccidia with 2 rounds of Toltrazuril and still has diarrhea

    My 10 month old beardie was diagnosed with coccidia. She has had super runny diarrhea but never showed any other symptoms. She has an amazing appetite. Like she will eat any and everything. I have albon. So i am wondering if I should go ahead and give her that? Or a third round of toltrazuril?
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    Runny poop and glass surfing

    The one in the video is Larry, a 4months old beardie (not sure about the sex, I haven’t tried too hard to guess since I figured out it is a bit early anyway). Larry has a mild diarrhea and, just in the morning, goes around the cage and occasionally does glass surfing (see attached video). I...
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    Diarrhea please help!

    My 10 month old dragon has had diarrhea since I got her a month ago. The previous owner was a young kid who couldn’t take care of her anymore and said she takes huge poops. Well now I know what he means. She has gone about once a week. Could it be stress? She acts normal and attacks her food...
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    Struggling with runny stools

    I’ve been on here quite a few times and I’m still struggling with my bearded dragons runny stools. His poop is half watery and half semi solid partially digested greens and bugs. Mainly stuff that’s hard to digest like the skin of a bell pepper or the head of a cricket. I was finally able to...
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    Otherwise healthy, active dragon with chronic diarrhea

    My dragon Orlando is almost 4 years old. We've had him since he was a baby. Over the last year, he's been struggling with digestive issues that I and his vet can't figure out. Here's his setup: 40 gallon glass enclosure, screen lid Zoo Med ReptiSun 10.0 UVB T5HO 22 mounted under the screen Zoo...
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    Coccidia question

    So because of covid I am having a hard time finding a vet accepting new exotic patients. I have a 6 mos old beardie that started having weird poops around Thanksgiving. He is active, eats greats, growing, shedding and when he sees me start to feed him runs down doing his happy dance. But his...
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    When should I worry about diarrhea?

    Hi everyone! When should I start to worry about diarrhea? My beardie is two years old. Recently, he's been having diarrhea on and off - usually the poop will be rather runny with varying levels of formation and often the urate will be rather hard - the smell is rather normal. Aside from the...
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