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    Is my dragon saying goodbye?

    So I have/had two dragons, this is our story: The first dragon I got was a baby male captive-bred and I had it for around 1 year or so before someone asked me to take on their adult female beardy because they were moving. She was a lone captive-bred beardy around 6-7 years old. I kept them...
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    Beardie staying in only one area of enclosure, seems depressed

    My almost 4 month old beardie Monkey has recently been acting strange for the last couple of days. I have a basking spot set up properly, but he seems to only stick to one corner that is on the warm wide of the tank, but only has a basking temp of around 95, and more critically, a UVI of around...
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    Chronic Inflammation & possible liver disease

    Update for Delta — my 3 year old beardie who is currently not feeling well. Is suffering from yellow fungus, lethargy, and runny stools. Bloodwork came back, not good news. Her tests basically indicated chronic inflammation, possible liver disease which confirms her dehydration. They say the...
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