damaged scales

  1. Akg12saurus

    Odd scales on the underside of the tail

    He y’all, I noticed these odd scales today and originally thought my boy Gosha dragged his tail through poop but after a good soak and gentle brushing, they are not budging. The scales look normal except for the tips. Those tips look like they have something stuck on them and are raised up...
  2. QueenJay

    Damaged scales?

    There's a patch of scales that are clearly not normal. To me, they appear to just be damaged, not totally sure how, but idk if this calls for a vet visit or not
  3. S

    Scale concern - tip of nose/chin

    Hi guys! I've never posted here before but I'm at a point where I can't find any answers about this concern, so here it goes! Shredder is my ~3 year old beardie (male). We got him at Petco (I know this is terrible and I won't do it again) and kept him in a large breeder for most of his...
  4. Pond

    So, I just got a rescue...

    I just got a rescue bearded dragon, I have an enclosure ready for them but I'm currently quarantining them. The guy who I bought them from wouldn't give me much information, not even its sex or age (I think it's a girl though). I'm mainly worried about three things, it's missing all its scales...
  5. colbertf

    Damaged scabby scale

    Hi, My little guy (8 months) has what looks like some kind of scab or damaged scale issue on the side of his mouth. Just this week he'd come out of a partial face shed. Here are some photos, I'm not sure if I might need to treat it in some way or just leave it?
  6. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    We've taken a look at an adoption that we'll be (most likely) taking home in march- a 3-year-old male who's not handled much - and he has a few disconcerting patches on him. His owners say they are 'left over from stuck shed'. He doesn't have anything on his abdomen, just a few black patches on...
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