1. QueenJay

    Possible fluid in side??

    A couple days ago I noticed Nami's right side appeared larger then her left. Yesterday it looked more like a "pouch" of what felt like air had formed on her lower right side. Today it feels more like a fluid and is more tender You can hopefully tell from the pictures how her lower right side is...
  2. LilAl

    Hiding Behavior

    Hello! I’ve been concerned about my 1 year old bearded dragon over the last few days. He has been hiding more frequently than he used to. I started noticing the behavior late last month up through now. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, knowing that as an adult, bearded dragons tend to...
  3. M

    Anyone know what this hole is

    I got my dragon off my sister who does not live with me who rescued it as it was not being treat right off the previous owner I found this hole looked it up found nothing Anyone know what this is ?? Last pic is a pic of him 🥰
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