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    two beardies seeing eachother

    i have two beardies, one significantly younger than the other, the oldest, hades, is five years old, and the younger one, zeus, is around 8 months (i think?) they both have their own enclosures of course, but there will be times where i will look at the two and notice hades bobbing his head and...
  2. Z

    Nostril is wet

    This morning after feeding our bearded dragon I noticed his nose was runny again. His temperatures are normal. On the warm side during the day, it gets up to 94. While on the cold side it’s 80. At night time his tank on the cool side where he sleeps, does not drop below 81. His humidity is...
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    beardie saliva

    im very new to this website so idk if im doing this right lolz BUT i gave my beardie a smooch and accidentally got some of his saliva on my lips, is this a concern? stupid question i know, i just cant find anything online
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