1. H

    Please somebody help me with the lighting of my beardies tank before he gets sick I am so worried I don’t know how to fix it

    Please help me with the lighting I am struggling and worried about my beardies well being. I have a new 120 gallon tank and cannot get the heat up. I have a 150w basking light, a ceramic heat emitter that runs 24/7, a uvb tube and a led tube for extra light. I can’t get the temp over 95 and it...
  2. LianneHenry

    Which dome to use for a 60W Zoo Med CHE

    Hi everyone, It’s me again. I bought a 60W CHE from Zoo Med. I was advised by the shop to buy a wire light (like a caged dome) but then 75% of the heat just goes into my room instead of in the terrarium. I went back to the shop and they sold me a mini deep dome by Zoo Med. But the box...
  3. Sulitlana

    Issue keeping ambient temps

    I am having a light issue keeping my ambient temperature for my juvi/baby bearded dragon warm enough during the day without using a CHE centered about in the middle of the tank. The highest ambient temp I have gotten on my warm side is about 86 using a 100 watt CHE. My basking temp surfaces...
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