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    GNT Cancer

    Micah has recently been struggling to poop and there's been regular blood in his urate/stool. His vet ran bloodwork (I'll add the results at the end of this post) and it came back with high glucose levels. She suspects GNT. I'm considering getting an ultrasound to confirm, but Micah's current...
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    Vet says he has Tumor but I'm not sure

    Went to the vet the other day after noticing one side of his mouth was swollen. They said it was a tumor (he's 11 btw) and that because of his age they said it would be a waste of time to operate since it would come right back. And suggested euthanasia. I asked if we could try anti biotics...
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    Beardie Impacted???? Cloaca vent open and looks swollen!! Hind legs paralyzed!!! Please help!

    Hi! My beardie is 2 years old. He lives in a 55 gallon tank without substrate. We use a liner. He has the ZooMed 10.O and the Exoterra solar glow 125watt lights. He gets fed dubia roaches and collard greens. We attempt to feed every other day usually but he eats kind of when he wants. We...
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