1. Tigger_14


    I got mealworms a week or 2 ago and there shedding and everything but im noticing 2-3 are white worms now as they werent white before what does this mean? Photo for refrense this is what they look like none of them were white when i got them
  2. becxrebecca

    Roach genetics

    Hey there. I have a bearded dragon and started breeding dubia roaches a few years ago. The colony was started with roaches from 2 different breeders. Now that they've had some time to get a couple of generations going, there's some different looking roaches in there. I separated a handful to get...
  3. Jordanbryant

    Baby bearded dragon being picky??

    Hey guys! So I got my beardie about 2 months ago. I’m thinking she is about 3/4 months but I am not 100% sure. She LOVES her greens and eats them every day no problem but is picky when it comes to bugs? Now I am feeding her crickets, wax worms, and the occasional hornworms. Also I’m saying picky...
  4. motherofalittledragon

    Parasite in Dubia Roaches?

    I just received some new Dubia roaches from Dubia.com, where I've been getting them the past several months. They seemed fine, although I didn't get a good look at them, but after I fed my beardie I noticed something on his tank wall. He's a messy eater so often guts end up around where he's...
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