1. rubi9229

    How many BSFL should I feed in a week? How many should I buy? Need help!

    I want to change to BSFL as a staple. I only have one bearded dragon and she's an adult. I'm wonder what a good quantity is to start out with and how much she should eat in a week? I don't want to run out quickly, but I don't want to end up with a bunch of flies either if she can't eat them...
  2. sconley

    If I am using BSFL and silkworms to top salads - how do I cut her bugs down?

    My 1.6 year old female doesn't naturally know what salad is, she does eat it when her salads are topped with BSFL and silkworms, dubias etc, I gutload them with nutrients, top her salad with Arcadia earthpro, dragon fuel occasionally and herbimix flowers safe for beardies from a reptile shop...
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