1. F

    Should I bathe my beardie before/during brumation?

    Hi, I’m new here. My daughter is temporarily working in another state and left her 5 year old beardie, Irwin, with me. So far, so good, but I think he may be about to or going into brumation - stays in one place for days, just moved into his log hide yesterday - but he hasn’t had a bath in...
  2. B


    Hi! i’m back with a lil update on Spike, and i’m kinda worried :/ He was doing fine until about this past Tuesday. The weather has been a little cooler, cloudy and rainy, but i’ve noticed he is sleeping like A LOT and it’s been behind his log hide and once found his head inside the log. He’ll...
  3. Eddiebeardie


    Hi guys! I have had my little guy (Eddie) for about 10 months now, he is about 11 months old. I have been trying to get in contact with my original breeder but no response. As this is eddies first time brumating (I think) I am a little anxious. I have done a lot of research but has so specific...
  4. hakusmom


    Hi ya’ll. Little Haku is going on 11 months soon, and I’m starting to worry a bit. I have no idea if he’s going into brumation or not. He’s showing classic signs, as to not eating as much and staying in his hide a bit more than usual. But the other day, he was running all over the place in his...
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