1. Beardielover9000


    Hello everyone. My beardie just laid her first clutch of eggs, I was wondering if they appear to be fertile or not fertilized. Honestly they seemed to be great at first but now they’re not doing very well. Any advice would be wonderful. Photos attached are when she first laid, vs the end of the...
  2. Selkie1993

    Beardie Acting Wild After Brumation- Not Eating Much

    Hi Everyone! Drogon is now out of brumation for about 2 months and is acting like a black-bearding lunatic :) I expect this is normal since it's happened in the past. However, he's being annoyingly picky about his food!!! He'll only eat supers, sometimes has no interest at all and won't even...
  3. xp29

    Looking for resources

    I have been trying to research breeding, specifically pairing up different traits to produce specific outcomes. I do understand the basics like dominant, recessive, het ect. I know how to work out the simple % chances. What I'm having trouble finding is like a chart of what you could expect if...
  4. Skuej

    Starting breeding in florida.

    Hello; my name is Nisa and I have a chameleon and a bearded dragon 🐉🥴 I was just curious what license I would need to get a breeding license started? I'm so confused as to which one I need.. I'm gonna be getting 4 more bearded dragons to get it going soon. But I really need help with it to get...
  5. Q

    What do I breed witblits with

    I bought a translucent witblits beardie today and i want to get into breeding. what do I breed with him to make witblits or if you can, zeros?
  6. B

    Bearded dragon breeding

    My beardeds finally had a successful mating and tail lock, however my female pooped right after he released. Does this make the insemination not viable?
  7. K

    Bearded dragon not laying eggs! Plz help!!

    My bearded dragon has been gravid for 6 weeks & isn’t laying her eggs, I’ve put her in her lay box for the past week as she was getting restless & digging in her tank. She’s digging but very little and once she digs her cave she comes right out of it and starts to “glass surf” in her dig box...
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