bloody stool

  1. B

    Blood in beardie's poop(i think)

    Hello! This is my first post, idk exactly what information to provide but basically yesterday and today it seemed like there was red(assuming blood) in my beardies poop.(5/25 and 5/26) He does eat mealworms(medium size). I believe he is around 7-9 months old, I still need to measure him. I got...
  2. Peppuhboy

    Beardie poop has pink dots

    Peppuh had slight pink on his urate so we brought him to vet. They mentioned that he needs to be dewormed so Peppuh was dewormed. But his urate still had pinkish color through out the week. We sent more photos to the vet and they said to wait it out. 2 weeks later, this is how i found peppuh’s...
  3. Snazzybliss

    My beardie has runny blood in her feces and has a black beard :(

    Hi, a week ago I noticed my beardie had dark red blood in her poop. And throughout these past few days it’s became more like a penny size (or less of a streak) red bright blood and more liquid, I noticed the last time she didnt even poop but just blood came out. She hasn’t been eating or...
  4. stupiddogauzu

    Parasites? (Cant afford vet at the moment)

    Hello! I’m very new to the beardie world, this is my first one and I got him (I don’t actually know gender) as a Christmas gift and am not entirely sure if I was ready to take him on. Since I’ve gotten him (December 2021) he has had problems. I didn’t want to take him back to Petco though...
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