1. ArteMiloFlo

    Blood work

    Hi there! Apologies if this isn't the right place, but I've posted here before (about 9 months ago) regarding Mercury, my rankin's dragon who has crypto. Firstly, he's been well as far as crypto goes, it's well controlled on his medication and his medicine has even been reduced to every other...
  2. F

    Kidney failure, pseudogout, help needed. Bloods & X-rays included

    Hi all, my partner and I are very stressed + worried about our boy Helio and would really appreciate any extra help or advice at this time. He is a 1 year and 5 months old, husbandry info in profile. Early morning August the 21st I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye Helio dragging...
  3. M

    Concerning Blood work for beardie

    I’ve recently taken my beardie to the vet because I believe he started to have a seizure. He was flat belly and had his head back with his mouth wide open and puffed out beard. It lasted a couple seconds at most and it’s the first time he has done it. They did blood work and it basically says...
  4. dogndragonmom

    Help understanding lab results on our adult rescue

    Hi everyone, I rescued a 3 year old dragon 3 weeks ago and he has already had his vet visit, with blood work, xrays and fecal, which was negative. He weighs 324 grams. He was having loose stools the 1st 2 weeks and we started him on BeneBac and his stools are getting firmer. He eats his...
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