1. V

    Tiny bit of blood in poo

    I took a fecal sample to the vet this morning because I saw a tiny little bit of blood in the liquid that came out with my boys poo. They called back and he does not have parasites. Husbandry is spot on. Beardies is acting normal, pooping every other day-few days. Eating and drinking as normal...
  2. motherofalittledragon

    Is this scale rot?

    I just noticed this little bit of red where a scale should be and I'm wondering if it might be scale rot. My guy's been going insane the last two days (as he usually does when he has to poop but I suspect it might have to do with mating season because he usually doesn't poo multiple days in a...
  3. A

    3-4 M/O beardie with mild bleeding from cloaca

    So I’ve had my beardie, Blaze, for about a month now. She doesn’t eat consistently due to her losing food in her enclosure and disliking being put in a different container to eat, but she’s not opposed to eating in itself. Her poops look normal when she eats fine, and not so normal when she...
  4. Radarsmama72

    Radar’s Remembrance

    Hi guys. This is going to be graphic but I want to understand what happened to Radar. 9yr old sunburst male, spunky and moody and huge. Yesterday was normal feeding, two Dubai roaches XL, and then scattered spinach. Roaches were dusted in calcium. This is what the vet recommended we feed...
  5. R

    Bloody toe?

    Noticed this wound under his nail… suggestions? No idea how it happened
  6. M

    Bloody stool, Black Beard and Inactive

    Sorry for posting again. I’m not trying to substitute this forum for a veterinarian, but this is my only alternative right now as I am a minor and I’m unable to make an appointment right now. So if you’ve seen my other threads, my 3 year old female beardie named Delta has been having some...
  7. M

    Lethargic, Parasites, Yellow Fungus?

    Hello, I have a bearded dragon named Delta (a 3 year old female) that has recently been giving me some cause for concern. I love her dearly and have cherished my companionship with her but I am beginning to worry. A couple days ago, I noticed that there is some very noticeable yellow and flaky...
  8. Rogersdad

    Please help! blood in poop/lethargy/not eating

    So I am going to do the best I can to describe everything that is going on, and I will do my best to provide information on the tank, lighting etc.. Since I am at work it is fairly difficult to remember everything, however, I rescued my little roger from a pet store about 5 months ago when she...
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