1. L

    Respiratory or impacted

    Hey all I have a 1 year old dragon his name is mushu. Iv had many dragons in my life and nursed many a rescue back to health but this Lil man has me stumped. So let me start by saying I came home to find this Lil dork drinking his h2o with his back half still on his basking rock basically doing...
  2. QueenJay

    Bloated on one side?

    I noticed today that Nami's right side appears slightly larger than the left. You can see in the pics it seems more "puffed out". Any ideas on what would be causing this? She pooped a few days ago and it was normal. She had little interest in her crickets a couple days ago, which isn't normal...
  3. Snazzybliss

    My beardie has 2 lumps on the base of her back

    I noticed that my beardie has two soft odd lumps near her legs but on her back sides. Also feels alittle bloated in her stomach but does not have a lot of stress lines. I feed her horn worms and blueberries occasionally, collard greens, peppers, peas, crickets, buffet blend, meal and super worms...
  4. QueenJay

    Bloated beardie

    Since yesterday my beardie looks like she’s bloated. She’s acting perfectly normal, doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, but she feels like she’s filled with air. It’s been a couple days since she’s pooped and I‘m concerned she could be impacted. If it is impaction what should I do to help her...
  5. E

    kinda urgent ( bloated )

    hi, i have a juvenile female bearded dragon. she had parasites in the beginning of june and shes been on two different meds for it and seemed to be doing better afterwards and we still have to get a sample tested. but shes bloated again so we were hoping it isnt parasites again. her waste looks...
  6. T

    Baby bearded dragon bloated, flipping onto back HELP ASAP

    Hi, My daughters bearded dragon had babies which hatched two weeks ago. She noticed today one dragon is bloated and keeps flipping onto its back. She has given it a warm bath and rubbed it tummy but it is not pooping yet. She is feeding the babies small sized crickets (1/2-3/4 size of eye...
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