black scales

  1. M

    Painted Agama Black Spots on Belly (Pic)

    Hello everyone, my painted agama Mushu normally has a very bright and creamy colored belly. Recently he has developed these spots on his belly. I am not sure if they have gone away or not considering he can make his skin this color on a whim. I should add that he isn't often showing me his...
  2. G

    Bad stuck shed, yellow spots & black patches?

    Hi, I went away for college for quite a long time and was not able to visit home much. My mom was taking care of my four year old beardie named bowser, when I came home at the end of the semester he really didn’t look good at all. He has so much built up shed, black patches on his upper tail &...
  3. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    We've taken a look at an adoption that we'll be (most likely) taking home in march- a 3-year-old male who's not handled much - and he has a few disconcerting patches on him. His owners say they are 'left over from stuck shed'. He doesn't have anything on his abdomen, just a few black patches on...
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