1. tedbubz

    Beardie climbs mesh top because he sees his reflection?

    Hi, So I've posted before about this issue. I took Ted to the vet today for a general health checkup and mentioned to his vet that he climbs the mesh top all the time and follows the UVB. He does this for 2-3 hours every day. After ruling out husbandry and health he said that he thinks it's...
  2. tedbubz

    My beardie probably not getting enough UVB because he keeps climbing?

    Hii, OK so I have a Arcadia desert t5 reptile lamp 12% 24W 550mm (21 inches) that's 4 months old. Placed diagonally on top of mesh, distance from basking spots are 13cm - 20cm (5 inches to 8 inches) as pictured: So here lies my problem (pictures taken on 19/8/22 & today, 9/9/22)...
  3. tedbubz

    Behaviour changed when changed set up a bit; never done before

    Hi, I don't know if I'm needlessly worrying or not but I feel like maybe something is wrong. So on Friday 2/9/22 I changed his set up (added new walls and added one 75W exo terra intense bulb in the middle to create a higher ambient temp of 29°c/84°f opposed to the previous 27°c/80.6°f)...
  4. A

    Bearded dragon shedding Behaviour

    Hey! My beardie, Coop a rescue and he’s around 8. I have had him for a month now and he’s Great! He’s just coming into his first shed and I’d just like some advice on shedding behaviour. He hasn’t really been wanting to bask recently and has been under his hide sleeping a lot, he’s still eating...
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