1. S

    New Beardie Owner Here - Have Questions :)

    Hi! New bearded dragon owner here! We adopted a 14 month old Beardie. They were sexed as male at a young age, but we think they might be female. Taking to the vet to confirm. Wanted to share my tank setup and routine and see if I should tweak anything. One or two questions about substrate as...
  2. Willowww

    Light help for 5ftby2ftby2f enclosure for 7 month old beardie

    I have a 5ftby2ftby2ft cage for my beardie, about 150 gallons but I guess his tank is too big cause I can’t find anybody with the same measurements saving what wattage they use, I had a 160 all in one (not anymore since I got better uvb) anyway the 160 watts all in one didn’t heat it enough...
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