1. IAmAMirage


    I promised to show a more recent photo of my boy, so here it is!
  2. Rue ✩

    The hero of Hyrule, Link!

    The hero of Hyrule, Link! (Don’t worry, the hat isn’t tight. He’s nice and comfy :D )
  3. IzayahL

    Bearded Dragon is wobbling when walking

    Hello, Ive noticed that my 3 year old Beardie Supra is suddenly wobbling when hes walking and very unstable. Sometimes he will also go in a circle on his left side before walking straight. I have booked a vet appointment but I wasnt able to get one til the 15th of March. Im not sure if its...
  4. charman.der

    Go Charmander !

    Hello everyone !! My name is Abigail and I am the mother of a beautiful silkie named Charmander. She was a present for my birthday and met her at a reptile shop. I found out about her story of not having a family that can care to her very specific needs and I immediately felt the need to...
  5. M

    beardie saliva

    im very new to this website so idk if im doing this right lolz BUT i gave my beardie a smooch and accidentally got some of his saliva on my lips, is this a concern? stupid question i know, i just cant find anything online
  6. Maxwell

    Brown on his teeth?

    I noticed brown on Crowleys teeth while he was basking i just wanted to make sure it aint mouth rot!!
  7. A

    15 month old female rescue

    Hi all. I have a 15 month old female Beardie that I recently rescued. Took her in for bloodwork up, all was great. Fecal showed pinworms and coccidia. We began treatment immediately. It’s been a month, second fecal came back coccidia free with a continued low count of pinworms. So, treating...
  8. K

    Is this a beardie boob?

    I was just giving my beardie a bath until I noticed this huge lump under her right arm, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there when I started to bath her. What could this be, and should I worry?
  9. M

    Newly Rescued Beardie has Fungus?

    Hello everyone, I just rescued a female bearded dragon a few days ago from my cousin. I am new at caring for beardie, so I was perplexed when I saw that the beardie has a dull color and it’s getting darker to the tail. He said that there is nothing to worry about, but I am still concerned. Could...
  10. N

    Should I be worried?

    Hey! I’m totally new to having a beardie, not that I’m completely clueless about them or anything. I have owned reptiles on the past but I got a dragon for Christmas this year. I live in Idaho and it get super warm in the summer, and I know that I could take my dragon outside every once in a...
  11. SarahNancy13

    Possible gum disease?

    Hello! I have already gotten some great input for taking care of little Ember here and am so grateful for it! I’m asking if you can help calm some worries once again. I was taking some pictures of little ember basking and noticed that he has what looks like hardened gums and dirt between his...
  12. Quinn_sabi1244

    Bump on bottom lip

    About a week ago I noticed a small bump on my beardie's bottom left lip, and it's gotten bigger since then. It's kinda hard to the touch and it doesn't seem to be hurting her but I'm still nervous. My parents don't seem concerned by it since she does have a history of jumping of things and...
  13. Beardie backpack 3

    Beardie backpack 3

    Always zip up and buckle up before driving
  14. Beardie backpack 2

    Beardie backpack 2

    There are tags inside, meant for hanging a cat toy, but I used them to secure cork bark. Also added hemp cloth as a poop shield
  15. Beardie backpack 1

    Beardie backpack 1

    There are tags inside, meant for hanging a cat toy, but I used them to secure cork bark. Also added hemp cloth as a poop shield
  16. Vertical sleep dragon

    Vertical sleep dragon

    First time she decided to try a full vertical sleep in her "tree". I'm so happy for her. She has always been able to have semi-vertical sleep space, but now with the taller bigger enclosure and her "tree" she can be vertical if she wishes
  17. C

    5 yr old beardie

    Hi. I’m needing to rehome our 5 yr old beardie. We have moved to a smaller apartment and he doesn’t have the freedom he used to. We also have dogs which he now sees more often and stresses him out… Orlando area, please send me an email for inquiries. [email protected]
  18. B

    UVB/basking help asap

    So, i’ve read lots of info on lights, but all the lengths/wattages/types are so confsuing, so I just need some direct answers if possible tank info- -currently has heat coil, uvb coil, and basking light -beleieve it is a 40 gallon, 36x18x18 -has a plastic splitter splitting the top metal mesh...
  19. DorgEndo

    What do we know about antioxidants and beardies?

    What prompted this is I will be going to my annual vet check up with Devlyn on Feb 14th, the most romantic thing to do of course, and I thought about seeing if my vet had any insight into beardies and antioxidants. Of course fresh greens, veggies, and fruits have antioxidants which probably can...
  20. Beardie Backpack

    Beardie Backpack

    This is not what I meant by hanging out together
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