beardie poop

  1. A

    My beardie hasnt pooped in 3-4 weeks

    Help my beardie has not pooped for a while, I’ve tried feeding him blueberries, giving him prune juice and giving him warm baths. What do i do?
  2. JohnW61622

    Hello all New and super excited but also nervous beardie owner :) Meet Mushu! :)

    Hello we recently got our bearded a week and half ago and absolutely love him/her! I never knew how sweet and spunky these little guys could be, it’s adorable! We started out with a 40 gallon tank knowing we will switch to at least at 120 in the future but wanted to get the hang of things before...
  3. I

    Odd poop warning photo included!!

    I looked at this website before and it helped me find out lots of answers about my lil guy. But I’ve never joined or actually posted my own thread here before, but I feel panicked because I came out about an two hours ago to this poop. Please ignore the Left over food I hadn’t gotten the chance...
  4. M

    new adult beardie owner: unusual poop/urate experiences seeking guidance!

    hi! i rehomed an adult beardie (thought to be ~7 yrs old) from a friend who loved her but couldn't take her in their move. i've named her clementine (aka clem aka cowboy clem). i'm seeking some advice for her waste/consumption behavior because it seems different than how she was with my friend...
  5. T

    3 month beardie poop

    my 4 month beardie just pooped and it looks diferent than usually
  6. G

    Runny poop and glass surfing

    The one in the video is Larry, a 4months old beardie (not sure about the sex, I haven’t tried too hard to guess since I figured out it is a bit early anyway). Larry has a mild diarrhea and, just in the morning, goes around the cage and occasionally does glass surfing (see attached video). I...
  7. K

    Nottinghamshire vet uk

    Looking for a vet in the Nottinghamshire area; My 5 year old beardie's poop has changed recently and I'm slightly concerned. Just looking for a general checkup but the closest vet who takes bearded dragons is nearly 2 hours away in Manchester, which I'm not sure will be possible for me. Any...
  8. A

    Red in my beardie's stool

    Hey, I recently got my beardie, Sappho, from a local reptile shop. She's between 2-3 months old. When getting her, they recommended that I use crushed walnut substrate, so I went against my better judgement and used it, which is why it's in this photo, but trust, I'm getting tile in the next few...
  9. kenobisaber

    Watery poop but no parasites and temps are good?

    Hi y’all! Tigger had spotted his little brother (aka Kenobi - my new dragon) from across the room on accident. I don’t know if the stress from that has caused his watery stool or what. He was recently tested for parasites and i test quite frequently and he has none. He goes poop like 1x a week...
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