bearded dragon

  1. J

    Bearded Dragon Mouth Discoloured

    Hi, Had my dragon for few months now but he’s just shed his tails, legs and lips but he’s got this discolouration under his lips for about 2 weeks now and not too sure what it’s from or it’s a form of shedding but never seen it before. He’s been waking up early before his lights are due on and...
  2. kayla55

    Hello! Question about colour and morphs

    I am a first time bearded dragon owner and I have a question about my beardie! I'm pretty sure she's a girl as I used the flashlight method to try and determine if she was a boy or girl. Now my question is regarding her morph and colour and pattern. I got her from petsmart and the tag says...
  3. M

    Anyone know what this hole is

    I got my dragon off my sister who does not live with me who rescued it as it was not being treat right off the previous owner I found this hole looked it up found nothing Anyone know what this is ?? Last pic is a pic of him 🥰
  4. N

    Beardie Not Shedding 8 months old, new owner

    Hi friends!! I am a relatively new Beardie owner, as Kava (my beardie) is my first reptile. We got him back in March 23, 2021. We bought him at Petsmart (in retrospect I know, but we love him now anyway) and they told us he was about 8-12 weeks old. He was around 5 inches at the time. He was...
  5. J

    Bearded Dragon wouldn’t wake up after surgery.

    A little back story.. I rescued this bearded dragon because she was cohabited with another beardie and got beat up. She was abused & had tail rot when i got her. I scheduled an appointment for her to get her tail amputated. I took her to the vet 8 am. Didn’t get a call until about 2:15 saying...
  6. A


    We had a beardie and her name was Lagertha, from the vikings movie. On which sadly, she passed a few days now. We noticed that the first parts that contracted/hardened were her eyes, fingers/arms and her snout but the rest of the body remained soft. She's a special beardie to us and we're...
  7. I

    My Bearded Dragon keeps dry heaving/reaching

    Hi, my poor girl was constipated and she finally got to go, but after she let it out, she won't stop dry reaching, well I think it's that. She's making a weird noise and her body contracts like she wants to throw up.... And she's really bloated after she pooped at well? Can someone help me, I...
  8. E

    1 year old beardie not eating

    My beardie is a year old now and hasn’t eaten properly for the last couple of weeks. She loved worms and now won’t even look at them. Every now and then she may eat one locust. She won’t eat salad and never really has. We offer it everyday and change the variety. She has recently got a new tank...
  9. Alaskan beardy

    Unsure what to think

    I have had my beard for about a month now and all has been perfect BM’s have been normal she has been eating alot full of energy her tank is gradient 105° to 80° with uva and uvb. She eats about half and half between superworms and crickets with the crickets being calcium and vitamin coated once...
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