bearded dragon health

  1. B

    HELP. I came home to this.

    Hi guys, I am completely sick to my stomach and filled with worry! I was at work today and my fiancé came home from running errands to this in our beardies cage. I have multiple beardies at the moment in different enclosures. I also had a beardie(milo) for 9 years. He passed away the beginning...
  2. E

    constant swallowing.

    Hi, My female bearded dragon is a year old and is getting over an ongoing respiratory infection. It started back in the beginning of september, She was going to a vet and was getting injections for two months until we did a culture that took forever to get back. We were actually sent to a...
  3. A


    Hi there. I got my first beardie 3-4 years ago. I am soon to graduate from college but I have noticed there is reddness and what looks like rashes or burns on my beardie. I have looked at other people who had similar issues but I am unsure what to do. I do not want to go to a vet yet as they are...
  4. Brandon372

    Small black spot/ Possible injured scale? Pics included

    Hello today I noticed a small brown spot on my 1 & 1/2 year old bearded dragon Nugget. Any other owners every notice something similar on their beardie? Ive already had to treat her for necrosis of the toes & tail from her time in petco, could it have come back again? Is this a minor injury or...
  5. Quinn_sabi1244

    Bump on bottom lip

    About a week ago I noticed a small bump on my beardie's bottom left lip, and it's gotten bigger since then. It's kinda hard to the touch and it doesn't seem to be hurting her but I'm still nervous. My parents don't seem concerned by it since she does have a history of jumping of things and...
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