basking light

  1. K

    My basking light keeps turning on & off

    Hi guys, I'm using a echo tech dimming+ timer+ night time drop digital thermostat. I'm trying to get my basking light to stay on for 12hrs plugged into the dimmer. When it get to temp its seems to slowly turn my basking light off.... Then turn it on few mins or so when it needs to lift the...
  2. tedbubz

    Help with lighting; increase ambient temp with ceramic or basking bulb?

    Hi, so I just changed my enclosure set up a bit. My main basking bulb is good, and my Arcadia UVB is also fine. The thing is with my second lighting source. I need the middle to be more hot so should I put a 100W basking bulb for light and heat, or a 100W ceramic heater? 100w basking bulb...
  3. EmberRising

    Heating help- ambient vs surface temp

    I have a new baby beardie (4-5m old) and am having trouble getting the temperature right. I can’t get the air temp high enough and the surface temps are at their max. I am currently using a Philips 72w par38 bulb. (I also tried a Zoo med 100w repti basking spot bulb with similar results.) The...
  4. Sandy's World

    Basking light help

    My bearded dragon Sandy's basking light only gets up to about 90 or 95F. I'm worried about this as she has a quite large tank. Currently using a 100w "Repti Basking Spot Lamp" by Zoo Med, placed at the top of the screen lid. Her tank dimensions are L23in, by W19in, by H23in, a recycled fish...
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