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    Beardie wont bask for long

    Hi! About 3 weeks ago i adopted what i now know to be about a 6-8 month old beardie (thought he was an adult but some awesome members helped me age him), his name is glizzy! Our original set up which was given to us at a reptile only pet store was a Powersun Heat plus UVB. It wasn't getting...
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    How to raise basking temp in temporary enclosure?

    Hi all! We just adopted a 12 month old beardie. He was a family turn in, so I don’t know his full history, but he’s soooo sweet and docile. We’re currently in a 40g tank, but currently deciding if we want to build a 4x2x2 enclosure ourselves or buy one from Zen habitat or Dubia (suggestions...
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    I need help please!

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum and still pretty new to owning a dragon. I need some help. I’ve done lots of research and tried different products and tried different ways of setting up the tank and I’m just at a loss here. I did just fill out the account info on the products/setup I’m...
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