1. Dot4Dot7Dot

    Bath and Bask

    I just gave Haze a bath (water sat right at her ankles and she was supervised the entire time), She sat for a while and when she was ready to get out, she climbed to the edge of the unused cookie plate to be let out. She was so well behaved until I tried to dry her off, then she turned into an...
  2. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    I finally got some good pictures of him with his mouth open!

  3. Mr.Dragon

    Window time

    I love how he literally does not move a centimeter when I place him by the window. I think he loves the sunshine and looking out the window. (Not much sunshine today cuz we're waiting on the hurricane)
  4. H

    Please somebody help me with the lighting of my beardies tank before he gets sick I am so worried I don’t know how to fix it

    Please help me with the lighting I am struggling and worried about my beardies well being. I have a new 120 gallon tank and cannot get the heat up. I have a 150w basking light, a ceramic heat emitter that runs 24/7, a uvb tube and a led tube for extra light. I can’t get the temp over 95 and it...
  5. A

    Should I move the uvb light to inside the enclosure?

    I use the reptisun t5 HO 10.0 uvb tube light and I'm just wondering if it's bad that I have it on top of this screen (that it reduces the uv emitted or something) and if I should move it inside. Thanks
  6. G

    Beardie wont bask for long

    Hi! About 3 weeks ago i adopted what i now know to be about a 6-8 month old beardie (thought he was an adult but some awesome members helped me age him), his name is glizzy! Our original set up which was given to us at a reptile only pet store was a Powersun Heat plus UVB. It wasn't getting...
  7. M

    Can basking bulbs be placed inside an enclosure? The box says not to?

    Hey, so I've seen tons of enclosures online with basking bulbs inside so I didn't think there was an issue. Then I looked at the box for the hood dome I recently bought and it says in fine print NOT to put inside. My preference is to put inside if it's safe to keep the enclosure looking nice and...
  8. IMG_20221119_105420.jpg


    the sheriff is basking🤠🤠🤠 This is oscar my 2-year-old bearded dragon and he just took the job as sheriff in his tank. and he puts worms into a cell and lets them out 2 weeks later (AKA eats them and then...💩)
  9. J

    Basking light

    I have just got a juvenile bearded dragon yesterday. I have been reading up lots but wanted to check I have the basking light bulb correct or if need a stronger wattage. I have a vivarium that is L44 x D20 x H15 inches and i think 57 gallons. It was second hand and already had the basking set...
  10. P

    A couple newbie questions

    hi guys, im a new beardie owner and just have a few questions. 1st is.. i just got my little one a week ago and he’s eating just fine and pooping well so i’m thinking he is healthy. One thing i’m worried about is his hydration. I know that they can go with out water for a while but he does not...
  11. I

    Beardie staying in only one area of enclosure, seems depressed

    My almost 4 month old beardie Monkey has recently been acting strange for the last couple of days. I have a basking spot set up properly, but he seems to only stick to one corner that is on the warm wide of the tank, but only has a basking temp of around 95, and more critically, a UVI of around...
  12. M

    dragons mouth only slightly open ?

    i only very recently started caring for my dragon, so please bear with me if my question seems obvious: my dragon has only recently started basking, as she was left with no basking lamp or any adequate heat source for just about a year before i got her. i checked on her just a few minutes ago...
  13. Carpenter Dad

    Legit baffled here

    So, I’m confused abit here and having some trouble. I have one of these damn tall tanks (24”) and having an issue to get the proper basking temp. The basking lamp is 100W and gets between 93°F-97°F. It would be warmer for him if the little guy would lay on the hammocks, but he insists on the...
  14. J

    Hot room with basking light?

    So I just got a juvenile bearded dragon, and right now my room is comfortable temperature anywhere around 76-85° But now this summer we get heat waves of around 100-110 degrees and I do not have air conditioning, so my room sometimes heats up quiet high around 90-102 but I’m worried it will be...
  15. kenobisaber

    UVB Placement Help? ASAP

    My question is can you place your UVB next to the basking bulb or does it HAVE to be like the 2nd diagram?
  16. M


    So I just switched to a 40 gallon tank for my beardie, I got a larger uvb bar (reptisun 10.0) that I’m planning to mount under the screen today. as well as a new housing / basking bulb. It’s a 100w zoomed bulb. I don’t know if I need new thermometers but they are both reading at about 80 degrees...
  17. C

    Custom DiY cage problems...

    I have made a custom cage for my 1 year old dragon Rukia. It's bioactive. I finally got the correct basking Temps. But I am worried I got the incorrect UVB light. It has 2 platforms for her to sit on, the basking one which is 14 inches from ceiling and the other platform is only 8.5 Inches from...
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