baby beardie

  1. V

    My beardie is not eating enough and opens his mouth

    We have a 14 ish weeks old baby beardie named Jim. We got him 6 weeks ago and he has never liked us. Any time we'd come to pick him up he'd run away and when he did let us pick him up he'd run away after a few minutes. Other than that he was fine until a week ago when he started refusing to eat...
  2. Jordanbryant

    New beardie owner!

    I got my beardie from Pet Smart (I know don’t say it) about a little over a month ago. I’m pretty sure she is a girl and her name is Mango. This is my first beardie and I’ve down a ton of research but I want to know more. So I’m really just open to suggestions! I’m going to attach some pictures...
  3. B

    Baby beardie

    Just had a clutch of baby beardie's born. This one fully came out of the egg, but was still attached to it. Now it's fully out and looks like it's organs are on the outside of the body. Not just a prolapse, but like fully out. There's basically a huge red ball coming out of it's stomach. We...
  4. RuthlessPumpkin

    Axew is home

    Hello, I am a new baby beardie owner. We brought Axew home on Sept 15th and have spent the last few days adjusting to having a new beardie. Axew appears to be a citrus leatherback, but we chose this one because my daughter liked it. Axew came in a 10 gal tank and it maybe 6 or 7 inches. I know...
  5. L

    Baby Beardie Not Eating

    I'm a new beardie parent, we've had our sweet Brea for a little over two weeks. I've included all of the stats on his enclosure in my profile. For the first week and a half, he was eating great! About 20 small Dubias per day and the occasional collard green, pooping about twice a day. I couldn't...
  6. SarahNancy13

    Baby beardie has coccidia parasite!!!!!

    Hi! I'm new to the site as a poster but have been stalking it ever since I got my little guy Ember (3 months old) in the beginning of July. I took him to an exotics vet and she prescribed 0.2mL of a SulfaTrimeth for 10 days. I put his first dose on a bit of strawberry and he gobbled it right up...
  7. A

    New baby beardie- coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes

    I recently acquired a new baby beardie about 3 weeks ago. Took her to our exotic vet to get a fecal done and she tested positive for coccidia, flagellates, and spirochetes. The vet prescribed panacur, ponazuril, and metronidazole all at .02 dosages. She is 29 grams, about 11-12 weeks old. Is...
  8. A

    Did I Wait Too Long?

    Hi guys! I am 100% new to keeping bearded dragons. I did a lot of research and set up a bioactive enclosure, gave it a month to get going, and last week brought a baby dragon home from Petco (I know, bad place to do that >_<). Now in my research, I read to not touch them for a week. I leave my...
  9. A

    New beardie, sick??

    Hello everyone! I just brought home this beardie a few days ago and am worried about the weird bumps and his discolored this normal? Any ideas?
  10. C

    Bulges at base of head?

    My beardie baby Zuko had these round bulges appear about a week or so ago. Is this normal? He has one on both sides of his head, he is a little over 2 months old. His breeder said she has never seen it before which has me concerned. He still eats like normal, he is very active and curious and...
  11. K

    Possible Infection? Please help asap

    I got my baby beardie a few days ago, he’s been eating normally and been pretty active. when i took him out of his tank today he started opening his mouth for a few seconds, and when his mouth opened it would make a little clicking noise. There’s also some saliva in his mouth when it opens. I...
  12. C

    How can I make my baby bearded dragon drink more water?

    Please help. I recently got a baby bearded dragon, he’s about 3 month old now. I’ve had him for a few weeks and he was doing fine. But now he’s absolutely refusing to drink water. He’s eating fine but just not drinking. I’ve given him baths, he just sits there, he probably doesn’t like them...
  13. SilentArrow9

    New/First time Owner

    New beardie owner down here in Northern Arkansas. Got my dragon on January 23 from petco. I've always wanted one since I was a little kid but always got told no but I finally got around to getting one this year. I currently have her (I think) in a 20 gallon tank. I've got a friend working on...
  14. T

    Baby Beardie Bitten by 1 Year old Beardie on the Head. HELP!!!!!

    I need help really fast. I already own one beardie who is just over a year old and her name is mustard. I just got a new beardie yesterday (ketchup) who couldn't be more than 6 weeks old at the most. I was doing that thing where I took him over to the dogs and let them smell him etc to make them...
  15. New Member: Meet Mushu!

    New Member: Meet Mushu!

    We just brought home our baby a few days ago. I just read the thread about beardies sleeping in weird positions. I was worried he was sick!
  16. Metalverine

    Is he okay??

    My little baby beardie fell a 5 foot drop and I am not sure if he is alright. And when he fell, his belly was flat on the ground. I am afraid that he might have broke something. The surface he fell on seems to be made of the same material as a wooden door with a hollow inside. This is what he...
  17. C

    Bearded dragon eggs Please HELP!

    Hey, my name is Cassie & I was wondering if somebody could possibly help me?? So My beardie has been with a male at the beginning of September & they did there thing, but I separated them because I know they can’t live in the same tank together. But then on October 12th she had her 1st clutch of...
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