1. K

    Post spay questions

    hi my bearded dragon had follicles removed and spay done on wedsday 3/30 and hasn’t ate since. she was prescribed tramadol and enrofloxacin. i think the antibiotics might be affecting her appetite but i’m not sure. she gives me an extremely hard time when trying to give her medicine/syringe...
  2. M

    Concerning Blood work for beardie

    I’ve recently taken my beardie to the vet because I believe he started to have a seizure. He was flat belly and had his head back with his mouth wide open and puffed out beard. It lasted a couple seconds at most and it’s the first time he has done it. They did blood work and it basically says...
  3. S

    Baytril antibiotic- need a second opinion

    My bearded dragon Pogi is 7 years old and lately he has been keeping one eye closed. We think he has an eye infection. We took him to the vet on 2/24, and they swabbed his eye to send a culture to the lab, but we have yet to hear back from them. The vet prescribed Baytril. We’re supposed to give...
  4. Spider8ait1994

    Osteomyelitis advice?

    I just got some unfortunate news from my vet about my eldest rescue dragon Spike (a 4-5 year old male Central) some quick backstory: his original owners had no idea what they were doing and as a result one of the issues he was suffering from was calculus buildup on his lower jaw. Recently he...
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