1. Shard

    Age of my girl?

    So I've always been wondering how old Xion is. This has only gotten more confusing as the vet keeps changing her age on records (6 months to 9 months, no measuring or weighing) She was rescued from a garage, so nobody was able to tell me when they got her or how old she is. She was probably in...
  2. C

    13yr Old (F) Tail and Head Fat Stores Depleted

    Hey all, I Have a 13-year-old female that is lethargic, sleeps for most of the day, has a hard time passing waste, and generally hasn't been eating much recently. I took her to the vet and they are giving her a vitamin, fluid, and anti-biotic shot (so far 2 of each spaced 3 days apart, with the...
  3. Jordanbryant

    New beardie owner!

    I got my beardie from Pet Smart (I know don’t say it) about a little over a month ago. I’m pretty sure she is a girl and her name is Mango. This is my first beardie and I’ve down a ton of research but I want to know more. So I’m really just open to suggestions! I’m going to attach some pictures...
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