1. M

    Swelling but kidney and liver function fine

    My 2 year old has developed swollen limbs which have impaired mobility and he has reduced appetite and excretion. Following x-rays the Vet has said this is due to "efflusions" in the joints. It was expected that this would be caused by gout and possible kidney problems however the blood tests...
  2. C

    MBD Care

    I am not sure if this is posted in the right area, but I need guidance. I rescued this little guy I named GECK (from the Inscription card game 1 health-1 life) from a pet store about 3 months ago. He doesn't use any of his legs therefore he doesn't climb and moves across the tank like a snake...
  3. Cassidy

    Beardie Advice ~ Spay?

    Beardie Advice ~ Spay? 28 minutes ago Quick update on beardie. (More information about my beardie on profile) Brief background, I have had her since 2018, adopted my first beardie from someone who couldn't give her the time she needed so it worked out fine. However, her previous owner did not...
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