1. syafiqmust

    Yellow fungus advice

    Hi guys :) my name is syafiq and i am from malaysia, so recently, i wanted to adopt a hypo zero bearded dragon to save it from the last owner, as the last owner said it has yellow fungus on its tail and it's been on this poor fella since november 2023, the tail is not shedding much but the...
  2. I

    Odd poop warning photo included!!

    I looked at this website before and it helped me find out lots of answers about my lil guy. But I’ve never joined or actually posted my own thread here before, but I feel panicked because I came out about an two hours ago to this poop. Please ignore the Left over food I hadn’t gotten the chance...
  3. TurkeyKirkey


    Hey everyone ! I recently just bought a 20’ tube light fixture for Toothless I used to have a double dome I used for my uvb and basking and had a extra smaller dome for a coil uvb light… now is it okay to still use my double with the basking light and uvb and the tube or should I switch to...
  4. S

    Hi! wondering what would be the best way to get a sick beardie used to his new enclosure without stressing him out.

    First of all, Hello all! I’m brand new here :). So I finally ordered Ozzie, my rescue, a new enclosure since the one he came in is way too small. The thing is, Oslo is terminally ill. While he’s pretty stable right now, he’s in renal failure and has MBD. When I took him in, the stress of having...
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