abnormal behavior

  1. B


    Hi! i’m back with a lil update on Spike, and i’m kinda worried :/ He was doing fine until about this past Tuesday. The weather has been a little cooler, cloudy and rainy, but i’ve noticed he is sleeping like A LOT and it’s been behind his log hide and once found his head inside the log. He’ll...
  2. NightRaysMoon

    False brumation or something?

    Kazoku for the two years he's been alive does something strange around November, December, and a bit of January. He'll refuse to eat once the cold winter days have taken hold of our city, however that's where that detail ends. Kaz is still as alert and active as any other season, maybe vibing...
  3. hakusmom

    What’s going on?

    Hey ya’ll. Haku’s been doing fine as far as pooping goes, but now he’s acting strange. He’s only eaten a few bugs the last 3 days and has no interest in them. He frantically runs around his enclosure, jumps and scratches at the walls. I let him out and he just runs everywhere, then begs to be...
  4. O

    Abnormal Behavior in Female Beardie, age 3

    Hello! My female bearded dragon laid eggs on September 23rd, about 3 weeks ago. She laid at least 17 eggs that all looked normal, well formed. Then her behavior was normal, until about 3 days ago. She has become extremely hyperactive, glass surfing and digging quite a bit, basically behaving...
  5. B

    Beardie freaking out?

    So I have had my beardie for around a year and for the past 2 or 3 days he has been acting extremely strangely. He will run all over his tank, glass surfing with his beard completely black and mouth open. This happens periodically all throughout the day while the UVB is on. He has never done...
  6. A

    Weird Beardie Behavior?

    Hey there, I have about a 4 and a half month old beardie. I’m not sure what’s going on with him. He is constantly glass surfing in a frantic manner and occasionally head bobbing rapidly with it. He will run back and forth and up and down his hide/basking spot. I try to hold him to take him...
  7. TurkeyKirkey

    New 7 month old male bearded dragon

    Hey my new baby toothless came from a home where people were scared of him so would pull his tail to move him :( now I feel he was so traumatized he is scared of humans now are there any tips to start bonding with a aggressive or stressed out beardi that’s new to your home
  8. T

    Beardie being unusually lazy this morning

    Hi! Sorry in advance for the background - I've got a 7mo old female bebe I've had for only 2 weeks. She came from a not-great home, so she's not well-socialized, and wasn't on the right diet and feeding schedule for a juvenile beardie. However, after just a couple days with me and getting the...
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