Site Map

Informational Pages

Announcements and News (main page)
The main website page has announcements about changes to the website, as well as links to real news articles that involve bearded dragons.
Care Sheet and Articles Index
This is a listing of the care sheets and articles that we have available on It's an excellent resource and more articles are added regularly.
Reptile Product Reviews
A great feature of where members can share their reviews of various products that bearded dragon keepers are likely to use. Find out what is out there, and what others have experienced. This is a great guide for choosing your own beardie care products!
Bearded Dragon Polls
Various polls about bearded dragons where the community votes on their experience, choice, or opinion.
Recommended Books
A collection of books that have generally been recognized as the more useful and popular for learning about bearded dragons.

Community Pages Discussion Forums
This is the meat of the community. Hundreds of posts per day ranging from posts filled with excitement about a new beardie to discussions about metabolic bone disease. This is where the community offers experience, help, and advice for new keepers and the more experienced.

The Fun Stuff

Beardie Stuff Store
Mugs, calendars, t-shirts, stickers, magnets, etc. The Beardie Stuff store was started by request and help of the community. There are some great items in there to express your enthusiasm for bearded dragons!
Visitor Photo Album
Hundreds of photos of bearded dragons uploaded by the visitors of this site. It could possibly be the largest collection of bearded dragon pictures online. This is a fun page to browse from time to time. Photo Album
This page is similar to the Visitor Photo Album, except it's just pictures uploaded by the founder of the website. Site Banner History
Here's a nostalgic page showing all of the banner images (at the top of the website) that has ever had.
Banner Ad Program
After several requests for people to be able to pay to have their banner ad available on the site, I finally put together a basic banner ad program to allow just that. Rates are very affordable!
Promotional Material
This page provides some material that you can download and print up to share with friends, at pet shops (with permission), or reptile conventions. It's a good way to both promote the website and provide others with helpful information.