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    Anou's Legacy Uploads

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    Help Deciding Enclosure Brand

    Loki, my juvenile beardie, is currently housed in a 10 gallon starter tank (oh no!) and I need to upgrade to a larger one. I would like to get a 120 gallon but don't have the room for anything over 75. That being said, I'm looking at two different brands of the same enclosure size and would like...
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    Yeah, I'm planning on upgrading the UVB and basking lamp to Zoo Med Reptisun. Are PVC enclosures cheaper than glass?
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    Thanks for the tips! I'm using a Thrive 20" Reptile Hood for UVB. Everything inside the terrarium came with the starter kit so I intend to buy better equipment once I upgrade. The UVB hood and left hygrometer are the only items I bought separately. I'm going to use the guides presented on this...
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    New Reptile Owner, Need Tips!

    Overview I've never owned a reptile of my own before so I did some research and found that beardies are [supposedly] great reptiles for beginners. I went to my local pet store, purchased a juvenile beardie, a "starter kit" (I know, it's not the bestthing to do but it is a starter kit, right?)...
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