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    Muscular Dystrophy

    Hey guys!! I was wondering if anyone had options on MD.. -Beardie quality of life with it -Life expectancy - Changes for a normal tank (besides nothing high off the ground. Do they like/need soft stuff?
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    Super Meal Worm Colony..

    Hey guys! So, I have started to make a colony as of a month ago. I finally got three beetles and put them in their own section. I added cotton balls (Nov 10th).. GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN THE COTTON BALLS TODAY! BABY FREAKING WORMS! I did it! Now, I took the beetles out of the section and put them...
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    Thank you soo much for your help! I ended up raising the light with a hook and it’s at 107.6. I was so scared I had a sick one and I am in love with her!!!! ?? She (atleast I am hoping she is a she) isn’t doing that breathing thing anymore.
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    If I go ahead and switch to the 40 you think it would be better for temps?
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    125.5 I cutt it off!
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    122 and still going up!!! What do I do!? ?
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    I’m actually on my way to get digital thermometer now. But, it eats baby crickets. I have baby mealworms but, it hasn’t eat any of them. I dust the crickets then put 3 in at a time 3 times a day. Pet store tried to say 3 months old ??
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    Baby.. respiratory issues
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    75 watt.. I’m trying to upload a video but it’s not letting me.
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    Should I drop off at Petsmart?
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    Yea it’s a coil.. but I read on here to do the T5 or T8 so I’m on amazon now! I’ll get the other reader also. It is a 20 gal because he is so small but, I have bigger tanks as she needs it.
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    Baby.. respiratory issues

    When I first got my baby from Petsmart I thought it would breath heavy to blow its self up to look bigger as a defense. Well I have had it for a week and now it does it even when it’s asleep in my hand. It’s still eating like normal.. runs around the tank. Only opens its mouth and breaths heavy...
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