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    Kidney disease

    Thank you Tracie.. Yesterday we had to make the decision to put her to sleep because she had gotten really worse.. after reading your post I will have to say that the vet probably did not diagnose her correctly and did not treat her for the right disease. Im saddened because maybe we could have...
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    Kidney disease

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    Kidney disease

    Originally they prescribed her ciprofloxacin.. after a week of no improvement I called with concern and then the vet went ahead and gave her enrofloxacin and tazicef which is what I had given her before for a bacteria infection. I will request the blood work so I can post it.. I’m new to the...
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    Kidney disease

    I took my Beardie to the vet because she looked sick.. had blood work done and turns out she had severe kidney disease.. was given antibiotics and food for hydration.. have not seen any improvement... not sure what to do at this point.. I feel the vet may not have treated her with the right...
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