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    SpacialCoogs's Legacy Uploads

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    Photo thread of Blaze

    Aww. Beautiful chubbs
  3. SpacialCoogs

    Yellow fungus or just yellowing?

    yeah Yellow Fungus is pretty nasty, its basically a flesh eating fungus. What you have is lovely and inherant in the scales not eating the poor beardie flesh.
  4. SpacialCoogs

    Breeder in Portland Oregon?

    The PACNWR show should be on this weekend.
  5. SpacialCoogs

    Cancer in bearded dragons?

    I'm so sorry. I had a beardie die due to cancer, it's still upsetting.
  6. SpacialCoogs

    Babysitting beardie, and he vomitted!! Please help!

    You can get a chicken or turkey if you want a protein based one, otherwise something with greens (no spinach), peas, squash, or a mix should be fine. I wish you could keep him, it sounds like he's not well taken care of.
  7. SpacialCoogs

    Traveling with bearded dragon

    I learned a lot from Cooper when I was looking to travel with my dragon. I too made a leash that fit around the hips, I didn't like any of the body leash/harnesses that i had or saw due to the likelihood of it slipping off. Here is what I made in the summer, it's similar to Coops. Scaley has...
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    Help Juvenile bearded stopped eating and pooping

    It looks like she was unable to properly digest her worms and might need some water. You want to see a white part attached to the poop that is her urates and I don't see that here. You want to get the uv set up as soon as possible so she can digest what she's eating. Also is she isn't drinking...
  9. SpacialCoogs

    I love Lilly

    Welcome Lilly. My beardie loves her raspberries, but those are more treats. I like to give a varied diet of greens and supporting veg. beautiful dragons has a great nutrition post if you want to know what is a good veg for them as some are toxic.
  10. SpacialCoogs

    Traveling with bearded dragon

    Beardies are good travelers, Scaley has even come camping with me! She loves looking out the window. I have a kit I use for any travel I do with her. I have it listed on my personal thread if you want to see it. Never forget the paper towels or you'll be trying to clean up beardie poop with...
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    I paid $200 for Scaley with her setup and a new baby dragon here is $120. So a full setup for $100 would be worth it, imo. You'll pay more getting all the stuff together yourself and you can still upgrade items like you mentioned. I'd check the make of the UV light, you might have to replace it...
  12. SpacialCoogs

    Bearded dragon or rankin dragon?

    That's a great and simple explanation.
  13. SpacialCoogs


    I use this type in all my tanks. I like to keep an eye on the humidity as well as the temps just for my own peace of mind. A temp gun is a great addition as well...
  14. SpacialCoogs

    Help Juvenile bearded stopped eating and pooping

    A beardie may go off food for a few days after moving to a new home due to a bit of relocation stress. No eating = no pooping. 3 days isn't too concerning, I'd let him/her get used to the new place. Keep handling to a minimum for the first week, introduce yourself gradually and let the little...
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    Babysitting beardie, and he vomitted!! Please help!

    Vomiting and constant black bearding isn't a good sign. He is obviously in distress and should probably see a vet soon. However your hands are somewhat tied as it's not your animal. Can you get him to eat some baby food or something that is easier to digest than worms? I would be concerned...
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    Rarely seen!

    I take no credit for any training. I provide fresh clean water every morning with her greens. I've seen her drink from it before but it's quite rare. I agree with Cooper about the water flicking, I've tried that with her and she looks at me funny. She also rarely drinks from her bath but her...
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    Are Bearded Dragons "Exotic Pets"

    jeebus, what's with all those additional fees
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    Rarely seen!

    I caught my beardie drinking from her bowl! I saved the evidence for posterity, if I hadn't been working from home I would never have seen it.
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