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  1. DorgEndo

    What in the WORLD is he doing???

    Maybe he's waiting for you to get him a ladder. That's is why hoomans exist, to get all needs for the dragon
  2. DorgEndo

    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    My sister has a knack for finding hard to find things. She just does it...somehow! She's also a sculpture and artist so that could also help because she has all sorts of connections for anything in the artist world Another fun picture, Devlyn basking just outside the hot hot spot. Under the MVB...
  3. DorgEndo

    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    My sister sent me a giant cholla wood! She lives in Arizona, and Mt parents just visited by driving. So I ask if she knows anywhere that would have a nice piece of cholla. Holy moly. This is huge!!! It's "upsidedown" right now but I don't know how I'm going to use it. This will be a project to...
  4. DorgEndo

    Thoughts on beardie pet insurance?

    I've used the Nationwide insurance for a few years now. What I've found is to submit every vet visit even if I know it's not covered. As if something does go ary you've already uploaded the evidence of your normal ongoing vet care. Devlyn also has had some sort of illness every year. With the...
  5. Middle basking spot, about 92°F

    Middle basking spot, about 92°F

    Devlyn is a smart basking girl. She really likes this middle of the enclosure basking spot. It's a partial sun equivalent UVB exposure Her full sun basking UVB gets up to 6-6.5 in a pancake sized zone. Then 5 to 4 further away from the MVB. The T5 provides a lower exposure UVB along the back
  6. DorgEndo

    I like hanging out with Devlyn

    She tries to climb around my head. I should build her a throne and you we can be Master Blaster. It's her dream
  7. DorgEndo

    I like hanging out with Devlyn

  8. Devlyn relaxed

    Devlyn relaxed

  9. Dehydrated Devlyn

    Dehydrated Devlyn

    She's too wrinkly and had a high hematocrit. This is too much wrinkles. She had to be syringe fed water over a few days
  10. Devlyn with a stone dragon

    Devlyn with a stone dragon

  11. Dorg Endo and Devlyn

    Dorg Endo and Devlyn

    Me and my girl with our happy colors
  12. DorgEndo

    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    Solarmeter came today The hot spot reading is 6.5 under the mercy vapor bulbs. It's a rather small area that is the full 6.5. Her pancake can encompass the entire 6.5 if she places herself in the right spot The middle enclosure basking spot goes to 4.5. 95°F or less The cool side basking...
  13. DorgEndo

    Anyone familiar with med doeses?

    I'm not Tracie (vet tech) so I don't know the proper dose, but I am guessing the vet did not explain the dose versus the dosage. I work in the human medical field. Dosage is the 0.05mL, 0.15mL, and 0.06mL. It is the key instruction for how to take the medicine as prescribed. The solution is...
  14. DorgEndo

    Come on down to Devlyn Town everyone, let's go!

    Devlyn's latest vet visit results I'm actually going to get a second opinion on her from a Dr. Andrew Bean later this year. She lets herself get dehydrated and her calcium is high again. She's good, but these things reoccur so I want a new opinion on her enclosure, lights, heat, and all her...
  15. DorgEndo


    Sharing this resource so you can find a veterinarian in your area. Haven't personally dealt with eggs, but the sooner they are all out the better. It can be life threatening if the eggs become stuck, aka "egg bound", in the female beardie.
  16. DorgEndo

    Where did you get your first bearded dragon from?

    How can I vote? As a child my parents got me a beardie from a pet store. I have gotten beardies from rehome or rescue situations as an adult. I think I may get a beardie from a breeder some time...
  17. DorgEndo

    What size is your enclosure?

    Voted 60x24 because that's closest to my custom enclosure. Its 50-W x 30-D x 40-H (ish) on the inside, I always forget the exact measurements. I really like the extra depth and height so she can run around. Devlyn turns around like a truck hauling a trailer so I accommodate her
  18. DorgEndo

    I want a beardie

    I think this is awesome. Getting an animal can be a lonely thing. There is so much important prep work, for any animal! Like it took me awhile to learn that the Repashy supplements and foods, sure they are one brand option, but are made by a super cool dude, Allen Repashy, who has been in the...
  19. DorgEndo

    Fav music, anyone?

    I don't really listen to music. I know that makes me odd. Music can enhance things such as movies. Left to my own devices I never play music except for the car ride (sometimes). I enjoy most music when it is playing. Instrumental music or when the sounds mimic nature I like best. The biggest...
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