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  1. Kitlings

    Vet Mis-diagnosis? Male or female?

    Simple question: Is my dragon male or female? Charmander was sold to me at 5 months old by a reputable breeder, as a male dragon. Shortly after, I took him to an exotic veterinarian, Dr. Susan Kelleher of Broward Avian & Exotic (I live in the area and had no idea they were the star of a...
  2. Kitlings's Legacy Uploads

    Kitlings's Legacy Uploads

  3. Kitlings

    Dig Box - Hot or Cold?

    Okay thanks, I’ll move my dig box to the cool side.
  4. Kitlings

    Dig Box - Hot or Cold?

    Any particular reason why?
  5. Kitlings

    Dig Box - Hot or Cold?

    Which is the best side to place a dig box - hot or cold? The hot side risks getting the sub too dusty when dry, which irritates reptiles’ eyes and lungs, and makes it harder to dig. The cool side risks the sub remaining too moist and growing fungus/mold. It is a balancing act. In your...
  6. Kitlings

    Built a 4x2x2 out of melamine, bad odor iasue

    I totally agree, beardies are not beginner animals like some people say. They take some work! What did he hurt his eye on? It sounds like that could be a serious injury if he was bleeding onto the sides of the tank. What kind of eye drops are you using for him?
  7. Kitlings

    Constant Glass Surfing, Good Enrichment Ideas?

    What does her temperature gradient look like? Mine sometimes glass surfs if the temps are too high because she's looking for somewhere cooler. When they come out of brumation, it seems like they don't like going back to the summer-level temps right away. For enrichment, you could try adding...
  8. Kitlings

    My beardie is sitting up under his heat lamp

    From your description, that sounds like normal basking behavior! Dragons can make themselves darker to absorb more heat, similar to a solar panel. Sitting on his belly with his legs stretched out sounds like he is very comfortable. It would be a concern if they were doing the opposite, such as...
  9. Kitlings

    Built a 4x2x2 out of melamine, bad odor iasue

    Yeah it's probably the caulking causing the odor. That stuff stinks like hell! It's not good for you or your dragon. Definitely take your dragon out and ventilate the tank with fans/open windows/etc as much as you can for at least a week.
  10. Kitlings

    Beardies are the new trend in school library pets

    Great news! I agree that reptiles should become way more popular as school pets. Many of them are docile, quiet, and hypoallergenic! Good alternative to dragons would be leopard geckos or crested geckos, because they are easier to take care of and have less upkeep. Dragons can be deceptively...
  11. Kitlings

    Feeding Slowdown in Winter?

    Mine eats less during winter too. I believe it's OK as their metabolism slows down during the colder months.
  12. Kitlings

    Not Eating After Brumation

  13. Kitlings

    Not Eating After Brumation

    My female 2-year-old dragon brumated for the month of December and woke up in January. It's been 6 days since she woke up and she's been very active and alert, but she won't eat a thing. Tried her favorite greens, fresh food, freeze-dried food, and she even turned away live feeders...
  14. Kitlings

    Pain relief/remedies for a swollen toe?

    Hi all, I have a 1-year old dragon with a swollen toe, who got checked out by an exotic vet last week. A x-ray revealed the toe was fractured, and has evidence (fuzzy margins on the bone) that there is an infection present. She was prescribed the injectable antibiotic certazidime (fortaz...
  15. Kitlings

    Ate Tomato Leaves

    Thank you Drache. I saw you suggest this in some older posts, so I made him a slurry of parsley and cilantro yesterday. I've been watching him carefully and he appears to be fine. It's the next morning now and there were no problems overnight. He is still gaping his mouth a bit, so maybe he...
  16. Kitlings

    Ate Tomato Leaves

    Hi Brandon, I weighed him today and he's 214g. Not sure what to do for oral hydration. I tried a water spray and soaking him for a few minutes, but he wasn't interested in drinking at all. He loves his greens, so I sprayed his salad with water for more moisture. He ate a bunch of crickets and...
  17. Kitlings

    Ate Tomato Leaves

    My 5-month-old dragon accidentally ate a few of my cherry tomato leaves and I'm very worried. I didn't know they were toxic. I don't have any activated charcoal on hand unfortunately. I searched through old posts on here and fed him a slurry of parsley and cilantro (as it seems like that has...
  18. Kitlings

    Pooping During Sleep?

    So since making this post, I shifted her light schedule so that the lights go on earlier and get shut off earlier (closer to sunrise/sunset). Last night, she pooped in her sleep again. It has been 2 weeks since the last time she did it (which was when I made this post). I noticed one thing in...
  19. Kitlings

    Pooping During Sleep?

    Why do they do this, and is it a health issue? My beardie is about 2 years old, spayed, not brumating. I have proper UV and a halogen heat bulb that I use during the day, and a CHE that I use at night (we are in Canada and it gets cold at night). Starting a few months ago, I will check her...
  20. Kitlings

    Treating Yellow Fungus Disease

    Hi Laura, I'm so sorry to hear that. :( It's terrible that people online are telling you to euthanize. Reptiles take a long time to heal, so it may take weeks or months, but I would definitely give your dragon a chance! If it truly has to be done, I'm sure your vet would let you know... I...
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