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    Tail rot?? Missing scales??

    The only thing I can think of was during his last shed about 2 weeks ago he got it stuck on the end of his tail and I tried soaking and all kinda of stuff and gently rubbing in the bath and it wasn’t working. It was just getting tighter on his tail so I had to pull it off myself. I’ve read that...
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    Tail rot?? Missing scales??

    I’ve noticed on my Sammie that he appears to have a dent in his tail and I’ve looked at it and there seems to be scales that are either missing or not formed. I’ve tried to look up pictures of tail rot but there’s so many it’s hard to tell what it looks like. Can anyone tell if this is tail rot?
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    Is this normal for my baby??

    I’ve just bought a baby beardie three days ago. Ever since he’s gotten here he’s done nothing but sleep. Even when I pick him up he just goes back to sleep. I keep his temperature warm and they say I’m doing everything right. But when I picked him up today I felt his stomach and there’s a sort...
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