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    Help with Bioactive

    Hi everyone! I want to do bioactive for my arid babies but I don't want plants just the substrate and clean-up crew. Is that possible? and I was thinking about using bio dude terra Sahara but I'm confused about the bio shot. Any help is appreciated.
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    Tail rot?

    They are so weird lol! I'll probably take her if I get too anxious about it haha
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    Tail rot?

    Yeah she moved into her new tank about a week ago now and seems to really love it which is great and idk if this is how tail rot works but when I touch it it doesn’t seem to bother her at all so idk haha! She always throws me for a loop??‍♀️
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    Tail rot?

    Hi everyone. I haven’t posted in a while but I’m back with a new installment of “what’s wrong with ziggy now”? I just gave Ziggy a bath for her shed and I noticed her tail looks pretty dark. Could this be the start of tail rot? Im really nervous haha?. She has been eating and acting normal...
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    A few questions!

    Hello all! I have a few questions today. I just got a baby crestie and obviously, I still have ziggy my baby girl who is now 15 months! My question about this is that I'm scared to hold ziggy after hold mercury my crestie, I'm scared ill pass stuff back and forth although I've been hand washing...
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    Arm concerns

    Ok, awesome thank you so much! I feel so much better about her feeding schedule now!
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    Arm concerns

    And for powders I use repti calcium with D3 and flukers with our D3 when she had a MVB are those ok? And still giving calcium 5 times a week?
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    Arm concerns

    Oh geez I didn’t know that the T5 bulb didn’t need D3 I’ve been giving her D3 with it 5 times a week. So I should do 3 days without D3 and 2 days with D3 but bugs only 3 times a week?
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    Arm concerns

    Ok awesome! One more thing. She’s 15 months I have a new feeding schedule in mind can I have your input? Leafy greens 7 days a week, insects 6 days a week, other kinds of vegetables 4 days a week, vitamin powder 1 day a week, calcium powder 3 days a week, and fruit 1 day a week.
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    Arm concerns

    Here’s another picture
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    Arm concerns

    Oh ok that’s funny so I should keep feeding her kale?
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    Arm concerns

    Kind of she’s picky with veggies she loves kale but I read it shouldn’t be a staple as it binds calcium I guess so I’m going to start giving her collards I think. Does she look over weight?
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    Arm concerns

    Ok thank god! I know gout is caused by too much protein I’m starting her back up on 1” dubias how many should I give her she’s 15 months?
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    Arm concerns

    Here are some more pictures. Thank you in advance I’m like freaking out?
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