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    I think Kendra is depressed, last month she was moved into a new cage and lately she has refused her favorite worms and still won’t touch her greens
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    Won’t eat veggies

    Yes I’ve done BSFL, silkworm(she would sometime get a bit of veggies if the worm was clinging to it) & horned worms with the same result, and wax worms. Kendra will wait until the worm is no long hidden by the veggies to grab it just to bypass the veggies 😅
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    Won’t eat veggies

    My beardie Kendra is 3-4 years old and she is being a stubborn little brat cause she refuses to eat her veggies she only wants her worms. We have tried every trick in the book to get her to eat her veggies and the only way we get any veggies into her is if a worm is clinging to it. I am beyond...
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    The Cowgirl Lobster Kendra
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    What to feed to gain weight

    I’ve had this set up for over a year and a half why would to be causing problems know
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    What to feed to gain weight

    I got it last month, on top of the screen, and no plastic cover
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    What to feed to gain weight

    Tube, zoo med 17w t8 lamp
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    What to feed to gain weight

    Because she hadn’t been eating
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    What to feed to gain weight

    So my bearded dragon Kendra she’s 3 years old and she lost weight when she refused to eat her veggies for a good long while. So we’ve started her on silkworms again and she still refuses to eat her veggies😤(I actually saw her get some veggies in her mouth and spit it out she just wanted the...
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    Clear nails

    She has 4, one on each foot
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    Clear nails

    So my girl has one clear nail on the small toes of all her feet, so she as for clear nail in total. Does that mean she may have some Hypo in her genetics?
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    How do I get Kendra interested in the new toys we have for her? I’ve also tried to get her to chase a laser pointer and she hold no interest in that also
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    Dru passed away early January. So we got Kendra, Here is my new girl Kendra we got her last month at the North American Reptile Breeders Convention
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    Drusilla my beardy is so cute when she stalks her crickets
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    Blood after poop

    I took her back to the vet, he said it is most likely an infection. He gave he a shot of antibiotics and gave me Drusilla’s next dose for sunday
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