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    Can you guys estimate my beardie's age?

    3-4ish months I would say.. BUT all dragons do grow different.. Specially if they were not kept at optimal temps with the good uvb and what not. So it really is hard to tell. If we are going solely on length then 3-4 months :)
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    Cujo & Tungsten (Monitor & Tortoise)

    omg so cute. Want one but to bad they get big :( Love the first pic
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    Revamping Furniture - A Unique Spin In Progress

    Hmm yeah itmight.. I forgot theres like 4 inches of insulation lol.
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    live in socal do i still need heat mat

    Patrick. can i ask what kind of heat mat it is? I hate having this Ceramic heat lamp on top. Such a pain to take off every time i need to get in.
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    Revamping Furniture - A Unique Spin In Progress

    Hmmm Might be to small if its upright. For a juvi it would be ok. side ways would be better :) but for a 2 month it will be fine upright :) They grow really fast :P
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    live in socal do i still need heat mat

    if its a human heatpad, it can go under. If its one of those reptile or under tank heatpads any side would be the best. I have a human heatpad under on high, It doesnt raise the temp inside at all but it keeps the bottom nice and warm for them. Also like Brieana, Always put em outside.
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    live in socal do i still need heat mat

    If the room they are in is at 80+ at all times then no. no extra heating is needed. Mine are at 80-85 at all times with one 100w ceramic heatbulb and they breed like crazy. 85-90 is what most people say. Also make sure there is enough humidity in their bin as well or they will die while molting
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    Revamping Furniture - A Unique Spin In Progress

    WIll it be on its side? or standing up like a normal fridge? Also great idea turning a nonworking mini fridge into a viv :)
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    Custom Lid for 40gal Breeder Pics Added

    Very nice :) I like how you can open it and not have to deal with moving any of the lights or anything of that nature
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    The 'Ultimate Feeder'?

    Sweetie is right. They don't go far. I have had a few escapees since i've started my colony, All of them babies and found them all dead behind my dresser or under the colony bin. One or two in my bed while i was cleanning them as well but those were rescued and thrown back in the bin. The only...
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    need help asap!

    As long as you try not to feed off the large nymphs that should get you started very nicely :)
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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

    Gunna have to start thinking of next years. I only put it on her for like 1 min to take pics, didnt leave it on her any longer just for those out there that think its cruel dressing up animals lol. IM thinking maybe a witch next year
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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

    I was thinking of seeing there are any kitten costumes at petco/petsmart. Those might even be to big but could at least modify those to be smaller. Would have to be kitten though. Adult cat costumes would be to big also.
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    Starting a dubia colony help me please =)

    Just wanna point out one thing about why gloves can be bad. If you use them to touch them there will ost likely be some escapee's because you wont beable to feel them on your hand, As long as you are cautious and tripple check before taking ur hand out of the bin it will be fine. Cleaning the...
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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

    Would look better if she would have let me put her arms through the holes but she wouldnt so i had to just cut em and kinda jsut tuck it under her . oh well!
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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

    She has a slighty URI still which is slowly going away. which is why her mouth is open a lil like that. Also no way to get her to have it on while shes moving. The only thing holding it on is around her neck (its loose) so she would pull it off before anything probably lol. She's not one to like...
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    Skyy's 1st Halloween

    Will be adding more pics. At first i though this was gunna be the finished look but decided i was gunna add lil more to her dress :P I did make it, It does look like crap up close. I am a guy so what do you expect LOL. This is Skyy's Halloween outfit. Might make a lil princess hat to go with it...
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    New to Oregon! portlandia

    WELCOME! Im a neighbor to the north (Washington). Hopefully you can find someone that can help :) I was looking at my book case was just poped in my head that it would be super easy to make that into a viv for my beardie. Im looking for someone up around here that might be willing to make a...
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    Viv cover?

    nice nice.. Skyy has seemed to grown a liking to actaully sleeping ON her styro rock wall so covering her would be difficult. I have done this in the past though with a wash cloth. I think i will make a front cover. Her lights wake me up in the morning too so will benefit me also :P I usually...
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