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    help! stressed beardie

    Thanks a million! He is doing a lot better, and started eating the greens i offered him for dinner.
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    help! stressed beardie

    is there anything i can do to help calm him down now? or is it best to just leave him alone?
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    help! stressed beardie

    My bearded dragon, Herman, is almost 6 months old. Today the weather was gorgeous for like the second time since we got him back at the end of October, so I decided to take him with me down the block to get my brother from his bus stop. I didn't really need a sweater because it's so nice out but...
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    possible relocation stress?

    Yeah I think that's what it is. He's been hiding a bit less but it's still an adjustment. He just finished a shed.
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    possible relocation stress?

    hi all, recently the door of our bearded dragon's enclosure broke, and we were keeping in the heat with a makeshift sheet of plastic taped to the side. Yesterday we got a new one, the same exact cage, and set it up this morning. However now he's displaying stress behaviors, like hiding and...
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    Three Amigos & and a Musketeer

    Oh my goodness they are precious!!
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    Running costs

    Hi! As for the night heater, bearded dragons can survive with nighttime temps as low as 65F which is like 18.8C according to Google, so I only keep my nighttime bulb on when the outside temps drop below 30F (-1.1C) because the enclosure is right near a window. However I like to keep the temp in...
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    Beardy Toe Lost Nail, Regrowing?

    Nails don't regrow in bearded dragons. When we brought my bearded dragon home we noticed he was missing a fingernail and that's when he was 2 months old. Now he's five months old, and his nail has not grown back, and I don't think it ever will.
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    Feeding Veggies to a 3 months old

    My guy is about 5 months old and he absolutely prefers his insects over his salad. However for some reason he LOVES calcium powder so we just sprinkle the tiniest bit on top of his salad bowl and he gobbles it right up. Or we dip a piece of his greens in the calcium powder just a little bit and...
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    Anti-Scratch sock

    That's such a creative idea! I hope your little guy gets better soon, glad to hear he's already on his way. How old is he?
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    got new basking rock, is it too close to lamps?

    Update: Herman is eating and pooping exactly how he should be, and he started basking on his own near the top of the new rock. I guess it really was just a matter of him adjusting to the new decor!
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    New cage!

    Looks like your beardie will have a lot of fun in there!! One thing though is you need a substrate… I use reptile carpet with paper towel on top of where he usually poops, but I know many people use tile among other things. If you need, I’m sure there are many people here with more advice than me 🤣
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    I got them deep down brumating dragon blues ☹️

    That’s a gorgeous picture of him! And don’t worry, winter is almost over! Doesn’t that mean he’ll be out of brumation soon? Thankfully my guy is too young so he’s not brumating this year, so I don’t know much about it other than what I’ve read on this site.
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    got new basking rock, is it too close to lamps?

    Thanks a million.
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    got new basking rock, is it too close to lamps?

    Thanks I will check it out when I can. Is there any brand you would reccommend or are they all good? Also it's fine if he basks on a lower part of the rock? Like if he's eating and pooping like normal I shouldn't be worrying, right?
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    got new basking rock, is it too close to lamps?

    Here is a picture of his cage When I came home he was basking on the lower part of the rock that was still hot but not as hot as the top. Then when I took him out for a bit and put him back in his cage, he ran to the top and spread himself out up there. Here is a picture of just the hot side of...
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    Growing so fast 🥹🥹🥹

    If he poops in the same spot every day, a good idea might be to put a piece of paper towel in that spot so it's easier to clean up.
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    got new basking rock, is it too close to lamps?

    Hey everyone! So the basking rock that came with the enclosure broke, and today we bought another one that's a bit bigger than the old one. However, being that it's bigger the basking surface is closer to the bulb. I can't find my ruler but it looks to be around 6-7 inches. We use a digital...
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    Obese beardie?

    When in October was he 6 weeks old? We brought Herman home on October 19th and the pet store told us he was around 2 months old so I guess he could've been a bit younger than that, which is why he's not as big as your Neo. We feed Herman twice a day, and he eats 10-20 crickets each time. We...
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    Obese beardie?

    Wow, what a gorgeous beardie! Looking at his size, are you sure he's five months old? We brought our Herman home at the end of October and they told us he was around 2 months old, meaning he would be five months old now and he looks so much smaller than your little guy, and no bumps on his tail...
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