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    Rocket & Swiss Chard

    Beautiful! Just a tip, if you can get fresh green beens, trim the ends, rinse and cut to bite size chunks, they love them and its a good source of B-1
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    fattening up?

    Hi! Just a couple of tips. First, his temps may be a little low. His high should be about 105. Also, his lamp should be a reptisun 10.0 You want to stay away from the coil lamps. Hope this helps.
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    looking for help on food

    Most grocery stores have an organic section. I can't usually afford organic, so I make sure to wash everything before feeding the little monsters.
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    Feeding in Seperate Tank??

    The entire point of feeding them in a separate tank is so that when they are done, you don't have to worry about missing what they didn't eat. If you are feeding them an insect that can attack them later, this is a major plus. Superworms have a way of hiding so that you find a ton of them when...
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    Do you feed roaches?

    I have had mixed results with Roaches. After one my beardies came down with hookworms from a batch of crickets, I have refused to feed them crickets, ever. I have had mixed success with Phoenix worms, Super worms, and Silk worms. They love Horn/Tomato worms. I have a friend that owns a pet store...
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    diet concerns

    Probably chiming in a bit late hear.... I have had great luck with on their prices, shipping, and customer service.
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    How to feed fruit ?

    My beardies seem to have trouble "grabbing" the fruit I offer them. Any suggestions?
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    bearded dragon not eating

    How are you measuring the temps? If you are not using a probe thermometer (about 6 bucks at walmart) or a laser (about 20 bucks online) your measurements of temp may be off. The Daytime temp for a beardie needs to be about 105. If it is lower, or higher, it can have a negative impact on their...
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    Reptile City

    Thanks, this is the first time I have had an issue with them in almost three years. I am not real happy with them and now I am trying to find supers at near the same price without much success. My babies do not get crickets after one of them got hooks from them. If anyone knows where I can...
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    Reptile City

    Bad news everyone. I just got off the phone with Reptile City; the place where we could get SuperWorms for 20.80 is no longer dealing in SuperWorms, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Seig
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    Reptile Expo

    Here are few things to consider about expos. One, a lot of them will not let non-vendor animals in. Leave your little godzilla home. Two, there will be food and drink, but it will be pricey. Three, it will be crowded and noisy (not a complaint, just a fact). Four, if you see something you like...
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    WHYYY so mean?

    Obviously I am not the Beardie Whisperer, but having three dragons, I may be able to give you some insight. Our oldest beardie is a female, when we first got her, she was a real stress test when you picked her up. We had rescued her from a college student that could no longer care for her...
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    How to ship a beardie

    Check out the rescue train viewtopic.php?f=3&t=77604
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    Dad's feeding wild insects.

    As a Dad, I know how you both feel. Here's a suggestion. "Dad, beardys really have sensitive digestive systems. I know you mean well, but you may have accidentally made him sick with what you thought were treats. Would you mind taking him to the vet to make sure he's ok?" Dad's hate getting...
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    HELP HELP! She's gone on a food strike!

    I would definately recommend the vet visit. Last winter was my first Beardie winter. My eldest, Beardsley, who is about 3 years old suddenly quit eating voraciously. She became very picky, very quickly, and by December had quit eating at all. I really believed she was brumating because she...
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    boy did i get the evil eye

    Accepting blame is half the battle.
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    Naughty Girl!

    Is the cat the sidekick or the archvillain?
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    "poop Lilly"

    Have any "friends" visiting? You can shock and amaze them while they are holding her... :evil:
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    Bed thief

    You mean it isn't already in their constitution?
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    Bed thief

    All other animals must understand Beardie Rules: 1.) If it is mine, it's mine. 2.) If it might be mine, it's mine. 3.) If I think it's mine, it's mine. 4.) If it was ever mine, it's mine. 5.) If it was mine, but I didn't want it, it's mine. 6.) If it is yours, it is mine. 7.) If I might want it...
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